Let's Celebrate Working Dogs!

Dogs have a special place in our society. After all they are truly mans best friends!

However dogs help us in an enormous range of fields, including the military. Dogs can be used to track people down and even sniff out bombs or other dangerous objects for servicemen. 

Did you know some dogs even get to parachute? A lot of these skills apply to our GBiB (good boys in blue) who serve in our police force. 

Dogs are often in the front lines in police work from catching bad guys to working rescue missions after natural disasters!

So we have already talked about our furry friends powerful sniffer...  but along with bombs and drugs, dogs can also sniff out differnt forms of flora.

A Conservation Dog can sniff out evasive species such as the Chinese Bush Clover. Dogs can also be trained to find scat, carcasses, wildlife, plants, and weeds.

Our dogs can be strong when we cant be. My sweet boy is always there when im feeling blue, as im sure you are aware, dogs can help in many more serious ways as well! 

Dogs are used to help the blind find their way and keep their owner safe!  Some dogs can even professionally help with depression and anxiety. These therapy dogs can sometimes be the only way to calm their owners down.

Dogs that work in these fields will often help train other dogs to do this kind of work!

Don't forget to thank a Working Dog this Labor Day weekend!

Woof Y'all

- John