How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Tornado

Nothing is worse than the feeling of hopelessness one can feel during a natural disaster. This feeling can only be magnified by a furry friend who is frightened beyond reason. Today we will discuss some important tips for keeping you and your best friend safe during inclement weather.

1. Prepare A Shelter

If your pupper is anything like mine, than you know getting him into crate time can be a chore. It is only magnified when they are playful or scared. Just last week during a particularly rough storm I couldn't get him to come anywhere he didn’t feel safe. Unfortunately what he may deem safe will not always be what IS safe. A responsible pet owner is often like a responsible parent, you must plan ahead for the worst. When determining your shelter, make sure it is large enough for your entire human family as well as your canine (or otherwise) family members. Being cramp is not only uncomfortable but it is also unsafe! You should also make the area safe. Lay a blanket down, have an extra to put over your heads. put any tools, or other dangerous materials away from the shelter. A general rule with tornados is to be away from windows as well. Finally, consider having a back up crate in your shelter - in case of a prolonged stay or if your dog gets a little too frightened. 

2. Practice Makes Perfect

You should always practice your tornado plan with your family. Include your pet in your practices! make sure you know where they like to hang out as well as where they go when they hide. For example, if my buddy isn’t curled in his dog bed, he’s probably under my bed. Make sure you have a way to get them to safety quick as if a twister was to hit in middle of the night, you may only have minutes to get to safety!

3. Evacuation (Before Or After The Storm)

If evacuation is possible TAKE YOUR PET WITH YOU! If you are not safe staying there do not abandon your friend. That being said, if you feel unsafe do not stay because you fell like you cant take them with you - just take them. You want everyone to remain safe. If evacuation isn’t possible, and you instead outlast the storm be sure to wait until the storm has completely passed. If there is damage to the home be sure to assess it before letting your pet out and when you do be sure to keep an eye on them.

4. Post Storm

Finally, if there is severe damage in your area be sure to keep your pet from drinking any strange liquid. It could be contaminated. In general, you should watch them and keep them from any debris or sharp objects. For your pet especially the post storm could be even worse than during.

Thanks for reading the article and we hope you got some great tips!

Woof Y'all,


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